Coues Deer Hunt

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The coveted “Grey Ghost” of Sonora, Mexico. Coues deer have been on my hunting bucket list my entire career.

The hunt is a challenging combination of mule deer, sheep and whitetail rolled into one. They perfectly blend in with their habitat and are extremely keen to any smell or movement since they are constantly falling prey to mountain lions and coyotes.

Discovered by Dr. Elliott Coues, who served as a surgeon in the United States Army in the 1860s, the Coues deer is the only recognized (by B&C) subspecies of the whitetail deer. Coues deer are much smaller than whitetail; bigger bucks averaging around 100 pounds.

The meat is a true delicacy, a milder taste than whitetail and we enjoyed it in a variety of ways from tartare to pinwheels and always with fresh homemade tortillas.

Special thanks to Steve Ward at @wardsoutfitters_llc_mx for the exceptional experience, to Judd Jarzynka @hungry2hunt_judd of @hornadymfg for the fellowship and to Clint Easley of @revolentertainment who seamlessly pulled off a one man band of production with a smile.

I can’t recommend hunting this species enough and can’t wait to go back.